The Last Goldmine by Jamie Lewis just launched today and is LIVE!!! GO Go Go!!!

Hi Guys just wanted to let you know that Jamie just launched his latest product The Last Goldmine and now everyone has the chance to secure his spot in the members area. He is now accepting students at promo price of 47$.

You Can Become a Member Here <<<—-

If you really don’t want to miss the chance to be coached by one of the most trusted marketers out there you can do so by clicking the link above. The promo price of $47 is not going to be valid forever. Jamie Said he will be increasing the price  to $997 in the next couple of hours and after a certain number of students he is also closing the doors because he can manage only a limited number of students.

Many have asked me why Jamie is Increasing the price, well the number one reason he has decided to do so is that he only wants to work with serious people and to prevent Third world country people from abusing his system and wasting his time.

So if you really want to build a real online business this is your chance to start with only $47 and learn from one of the best marketers out there.

Click here to secure your spot <<<—–

This program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. The only thing to I suggest is to act fast and secure your spot while the promo price is still valid.

As you can see from the video here Jamie is not lying about his money he has made online and the students he has coached during his career and to prove it to you he takes a lie detector test. Just check it for yourself while the video is sitll online.



The Last Goldmine Review

This is the review page about Jamie Lewis latest product called The Last Goldmine. As you may know this product is going to be live on August 13th 2013.

Anyway if you just were looking for the official website you can go there by clicking the link below:

The reason I build this website is to shed some light on this Internet Marketing product and of course on his creator Jamie Lewis. There are a lot of guys that are interested in this marketing opportunity and are asking me a lot of questions about it and thats why I thought it would be easier for me to share all the infomation about it on a website accessible by all. This Way I will not only help my own subscribers but I will give a second opinion to veryone that wants to buy this product but has some doubts.

Right now I just purchased the product and I am going through all the materials it has to offer, things till now look top notch, the product itself looks very informative and as a fist look it is probably the best Marketing tutorial I have seen for 2013. Of course I will need some more time to finish the review but it will be probably ready on the launch day.

I need to add some other words about Jamie because there are a lot of words that say that he is a scammer.

jamieJammie has been online for quite some time now and I have read a lot of threads on the marketing forums about him and he is definitelly not a scammer. He has put together a lot of quality products not only in the marketing niche but also on other niches like the music creating niche. He has developed some awesome music creating softwares in the past and launched them on clickbank and all of them had a huge success. He is also know for creating a lot of good IM coaching programs that have heleped a lot of internet marketing students to begin and earn a decent income online.

Anyway if you have further doubts about my words you can watch the video below that explains in detail how jamie become famous online and how he has made millions creating cool products, it explains in detail the life story of jamie lewis. ( the video is a bit long but if you watch it till the end you can learn a lot form it)

So guys enjoy the video above and don’tt forget to bookmark this site to learn more about TLGoldmine.

Another thing I want you to know is that jamie will be selling this product for just $47 but this price will be valid for the firts couple of hours because he does not want scmmers to abuse using his system cause as I said above Jamie is a honest marketer and hates scammers himsef.  So to prevent this kind of people from abusing his system he is increasing the price to $997. So to profit from the disocunted price just read my review after I publish it here and dont lose time wondering around but just secure your copy of TOG after all if you are not satisfied with the product you can have a full refund cause this product has a 60days money back guarantee.

So guys Thats all for now
Take Care


The Last Goldmine – Let Jamie Lewis Help You Make A Fortune!

Jamie Lewis promises that anyone can earn up to $1k dollars a day on the web. All without any special training or skills. In fact his latest release “The Last Goldmine” promises that without any special skills or training — anyone can become the next big internet entrepreneur. You may be asking yourself “Is this guy for real”. Well for all intents and purposes it looks like Mr. Lewis is the real deal.

Who Is Jamie Lewis?

Jamie Lewis is an internet marketer and entrepreneur who has made a small fortune using the web. He got his start selling programs on websites like “Clickbank”. After that he moved on to the world of web marketing! In a very short time he managed to build one the most effective internet businesses around. It’s rumored that he’s made a small fortune with his web savvy and programming skills. He’s now promising to help the average person do the same with his latest release “The Last Goldmine”.

The Last Goldmine – An Overview

The Last Goldmine Members AreaIf you are interested in earning money online then it’s time to give “The Last Goldmine” a try. The best thing about this offer is that it doesn’t require you to have expert internet marketing skills. In fact, you won’t need to know any special business skills at all. Everything is simply explained within the programs package. This makes it possible for anyone to get started right away. Just imagine — you don’t need any prior technical knowledge — it’s just that easy. This removes a huge barrier from from making money online.

Another huge benefit of “The Last Goldmine” is that there are a number of ways to make money using it. There isn’t one particular system or formula that everyone needs to follow. Instead you can choose which strategy you want to use, and tailor the program to fit your needs. Imagine that – a fully customized template that will allow you to make good money online.

The key to the programs success is affiliate marketing. Yet there is so much more to the program than just that. Affiliate marketing alone, isn’t enough to guarantee success. In fact, many people fail because they are using outdated marketing techniques. Jamie shows you how to take advantage of web marketing and linking in truly new and unique way.

Some FREE Advice From “The Last Goldmine”!

Internet marketing success requires that some very key factors be executed. This means that you must do more than just build a website and then wait for the profits to roll in. It’s vital that you actively create traffic streams from around the web. Utilizing traffic generation tools like blogging and article marketing, are two reliable ways to really build up sales.

Good content is one reliable way to generate traffic streams to your affiliate marketing pages. Relevant and “sticky” content will help you gain higher rankings from the top search engines (like Google). That’s right interesting and compelling content is the bait that draws in traffic. But that’s not enough, once you’ve baited the hook, the next step is to have relative monetized links in easy view of your visitors. Jamie explains how to do this in great deal within “The Last Goldmine” package.

Now that you have multiple incoming traffic streams, it’s time to build a catalog of products to promote. Many internet marketing programs neglect to give you this type of information. This one FREE tip can help you start to make real $$money$$ online. This is just one of the many useful tips you’ll find within the package.

So don’t waste anytime — purchase Jamie’s “The Last Goldmine” program today.

Who Is Jamie Lewis?

jamie-lewis-1 If you have researched Internet marketing at all, you might be familiar with Jamie Lewis. He is a very established entrepreneur in the online marketing community. You might be familiar with some of his previous products even if you do not recognise his name. Some examples are Income Entourage and the Profit Miracle.

His latest achievement is called Online Goldmine. The release was hotly anticipated because it promised to provide a blueprint for a true online opportunity to produce a big income on the web. Since Mr. Lewis is so well respected all over the net, this latest release was very eagerly awaited by many serious Internet entrepreneurs. You may have heard about it from his own mailing list or that of one of his many partners.

This opportunity can help provide income for partners, affiliates, and anybody who simply wants to study this expert’s methods so they can build their own business on the net. If you have ever dreamed about making a very good living on the web, this is one business opportunity you will want to explore on your own.

You might know Mr. Lewis from the famous IM forum called Warrior Forum. He has posted some great tips over the years that have helped a lot of people for free. Consider some examples.

For example, he advises others to stick to what they know. This way they can become the true experts in their own niche. It is easy for a real expert to sound credible to others, but really hard to fake. It is also much easier to devote the time needed to succeed if you truly understand and believe in your product.

If you understand plumbing, why are you trying to sell IM marketing products? Maybe starting a plumbing how-to site would be a better idea. In this case, you might develop your own informational products, sign up as a plumbing supply affiliate, or generate leads for local plumbers.

This is not to say that everybody understands plumbing, but it might suggest that you will be able to succeed more easily if you base your new business upon your own expertise and interests. It does not matter if you enjoy hobby cars, work as an accountant, or love to bake apple pies. Everybody has interests and talents that can be shared with others. When these are shared, and you are established as a credible resource, it is much easier to sell something to the people you are helping anyway.

Jamie Lewis also encourages people to create the most amazing product possible. This can be an ebook, sound recording, or video. In the best case, you might even create a series of products that are either sold together or on their own. Then try using PPC traffic to sell that product, testing your marketing plan the whole time.

Once you are certain you have developed a great product and have developed a good marketing plan, use every possible source of traffic to bring in the most possible visitors to your site. All the while, strive to provide great service, connect with customers, and keep testing.

Here’s something else you may not know about Jamie Lewis. He is an accomplished musician. Not only is he a musician,he also produces a lot of videos. The include his music and instructions for others. See, this is an example of this Internet superstar using his talents to help and engage other people. This is a creative outlet for him, plus it helps the rest of his marketing business.

Who Is Jamie Lewis, Really?

If you would like to learn more about this amazing guy, why not find him online? He is accessible on a variety of online platforms.

His own website will provide a great introduction to the man, his art, and his business. Explore Jamie’s music, online business, and even his political views. You can even shop at his online store for physical product recommendations.

You can also connect with him on Warrior Forum where he maintains an active presence if you are most interested in his Internet marketing advice, products, and news. To see a selection of his videos, look for the Youtube handle : nebula2000

Is Cheap Traffic With Google Adwords Possible?

google-adAdwords is a tremendous tool that virtually any business online can use to drive a mass amount of highly targeted traffic directly to their homepage. The problem with using this system, or really any type of pay per click platform, is that the price paid to generate a single lead (regardless of whether or not that lead actually makes them any money) can be prohibitively high for many types of businesses. This of course leaves people wondering how to get cheap traffic from Adwords. Although the question is simple, the answer is actually fairly complicated. It is complicated because the amount you will pay within the Adwords system is dependant not only on the actions of other websites, but on how well you have structured your ad campaign. I suppose the best way to explain this concept is to focus on how Google generally calculates the price per click that you will be charged. Read More…

The Last Goldmine – Turn Your Informational Website Into A Cash Machine

goldmineDuring the 1990’s a new technology hit the marketplace with vigor and has forever changed the way everyone does business today. Since its birth, this new amazing technology has continued to touch every part of our lives whether we want it to or not. In fact it has opened many new revenue sources that would never have been available to the average person without it. The technology that we are speaking of was originally called the World Wide Web, commonly referred to today as the internet or web. Some may refer to this new revenue source as the twenty first century’s new gold rush; however, I will refer to it as affiliate marketing.

Ever since the internet was born the businesses that understood its potential immediately began redesigning their business models to tap into its enormous revenue source. However, one of the very first major obstacles that businesses ran into was how they would get their business products or services recognized online. Hence the arrival of search engines like Google and Bing. Over time Google and Bing have continually changed the way that someone running an online business would find their business listed in the search results.

Because the competition is so huge for a business trying to get their business to show up on the first page of the search engines results they again had to rethink their business models. As an example, if you owned an online business selling widgets the best way to sell more widgets is to get your product in front of more viewers. However, not just any viewer but someone that was potentially already interested in your type of product, i.e., widgets. So the new business model welcomed the term called “affiliate marketing” because it provided a means for a widget manufacturer to team up with website or blog owners that provided information about widgets.

Hence through an internet evolutionary process the new gold rush referred to as “affiliate marketing” was born. Just to give you a taste of the potential money involved in online marketing there was approximately thirty four billion dollars spent on some form of online advertising in 2012. As a website or blog owner this should excite you because you now have the potential to tap into that revenue source through affiliate marketing.

As a website or blog owner you now have the opportunity to team up with almost any online business owner by offering to advertise their product or service on your website. However, most online businesses are looking for those websites or blogs that are popular and offer the type of information that is valuable to their readers or viewers. Just like any business, no online business wants their product or service advertised on a website that may cause concern or have questionable information posted on it, i.e., you must be ethical and of course follow all laws.

The way a website or blog makes money from affiliate marketing is that if a product they are advertising is clicked on and the reader ultimately makes a purchase from that business the website owner will make a percentage of that sale, or a flat fee. As an example using the widgets we mentioned earlier, if you are the website owner and post an advertisement, with the permission of that business owner, for those widgets on your site this advertisement will have a hidden code built into it that references your website. If someone clicks on that advertisement it will take them to another site where they will see much more information about the widgets. If that reader that originally clicked on the advertisement posted on your site purchases a widget you will be entitled to a payment.

The true key to your success is providing information on your website or blog that is truly in demand by the general public. The more popular your website or blog is the more opportunity for someone to be interested and ultimately purchase those items advertised on your site. It’s a numbers game. As a general rule only about one to two percent of people will make a purchase that clicks on an advertisement that was posted on your site. Just like mining for gold the more you dig in the right spots the better your chances are that you will strike gold. Start digging in the right places today.